Manuscript Archival and Publication System

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Manu is a digital library application that allows for publishing of digitized versions of manuscripts (such as newspapers, letters, etc.). It supports the display and It offers presentation and text-search capabilities for manuscripts with transcripts encoded using the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) XML format. Manu is built on top of the Fedora Repository System (, and can be used in conjuntion with Fedora to archive, publish, and search original or born-digital documents.

Manu supports 2 "views" of manuscripts: a Table-of-Contents (TOC) view and a Page-by-Page view. A Table-of-Contents view might be more suitable for a newspaper, while a Page-by-Page view might be more suitable for a book or series of letters, etc.

Manu was developed at the ACS Technology Center. The development of the initial 1.0 code was done by participants in the 2005 ACS Software Engineering Internship. For more information, see the Credits.

Key Features 


The Manu source code is released under the GPL:

Manu references some 3rd party libraries whose licenses are not GPL, but whose orientation is open-source. Implementors will need to evaluate licenses that cover those libraries. Those libraries include: